Rock Climbing Wall Rentals


We rent portable rock climbing walls, inflatables and ATM machines to events in Ontario and Quebec.

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What makes us different and why choose BlackRock Climbers?

Here is what we brag about, because our competition cannot:


  • We have never had an injury, a complaint or been sued for anything

  • We have never missed or not shown up to an event, regardless of excuses.

  • The owners are on site at each event.

  • We are licensed, bonded and insured

  • We over achieve at each event. Period.

  1. We use real Rock Climbing Equipment and Gear; in other words, we hold the ropes while you climb, giving you pointers and encouraging you to the top. There is no mechanical or auto-belay devices on our walls!

  2. Rock Climbing is our main business and we have been doing it without even a broken finger nail for over 14 years, everyday. We own and operate 4 portable climbing walls for festivals, birthday parties and schools.

  3. Our certified rock climbing instructors come with the portable rock climbing wall rental.

  4. Our Rock Climbing walls are the closest you will get to the exciting sport of indoor Rock Climbing, an exact replica of an indoor climbing gym.

Our Motto at BlackRock Climbers

"Under promise...Over deliver... Every time!"